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Stone Cleaning Services

If you own a stone building that requires professional cleaning, then Seers has a stone cleaning service that is designed to restore your stone building back to its former glory. We cannot stress the importance of having your stone building professionally cleaned because choosing not to could cause your further problems in years to come. Not only will your building look untidy but the moss, algae and pollutants could damage the stone.

winter gritting cardiff
winter gritting cardiff

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Stone cleaning requires a professional approach

Our expert stone cleaning service adopts the latest technology and uses the most economical and effective methods to remove grime, contaminants and organic matter from your stonework. This will give your buildings stonework a smart and impressive appearance almost instantly.

It requires experience and knowledge to undertake professional stone cleaning and that is why we are the right stone cleaning company for you. Our team of experts will inspect the stonework areas that need to be cleaned and then determine the best stone cleaning method to use. We have a number of methods at our disposal that are designed to clean and restore you stonework in an effective and efficient way.

We will take care of the project from the moment you make initial contact with us right through to the completion of the job.


Tried and trusted methods

As a professional stone cleaning company, we adopt the right approach that will get results. We use the Thermatech high temperature, low pressure steam cleaning system to get the fantastic results. Our team of highly-skilled specialists are dedicated to delivering a first-class service throughout the entire project. Our aim is to clean your stone building with minimal disruption whilst achieving spectacular results.

Customer satisfaction is our aim

We understand that you want your building to stand tall and proud. Therefore, our service is designed to deliver results that will certainly meet your needs. However, it is important for our clients to understand that stone cleaning is a process that requires care and attention because if you choose the wrong company who uses the wrong methods, the damage could be long-lasting.

Through a thorough approach, we create a detailed plan of how we will carry out the desired work. We assess the level of clean required, the best method to use and the results we expect to see. We work with our clients throughout the whole process to ensure that we work within their operational needs. So, if we are cleaning a building that is used for home or business, we do all we can to ensure that we minimise disruption.

We adopt the correct health and safety practices, ensuring that we adhere to all regulations when working at height, especially where you and the public are concerned. As part of our service, we think of every detail because that ensures that we carry out a job that ensures we continue to deliver our exceptionally high standards and provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

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