Do you need the gutters on your school buildings cleaned out?

The gutters on your school building play an important role in efficiently directing rainwater away from the buildings roofing system and into the underground drainage system. However, guttering can often go unnoticed and neglected until there is a problem. If leaves and debris are left to build up gutter blockages can quickly form which can cause water damage or flooding to your school building.

Cleaning guttering on a regular basis can help prevent water damage, roof leaks, and other costly repairs. You’ll be amazed by the amount of footballs, tennis balls, frizbees and bean bags that we find when cleaning out gutters on school property.

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What are the benefits of cleaning school gutters?

Cleaning school gutters can be a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And there are some definite benefits to doing so.

For one, cleaning the gutters removes any potential obstructions that could cause a blockage and subsequent water ingress. In addition, keeping the gutters clean helps ensure that rainwater flows freely away from the building, reducing the risk of flooding.

Cleaning school guttering can help keep students and staff safe. Clogged gutters can lead to water spilling over onto walkways and stairwells, creating a serious safety hazard.

So while it may not be the most glamorous task, keeping school gutters clean is definitely worth it in terms of safety and peace of mind.

How often should school gutters be cleaned?

Cleaning gutters is not typically a fun task, but it is ultimately an important one. Not only do school gutters need to be cleaned regularly, but they also require special attention. We recommend that the gutters on your site should be cleaned out at least annually and if budget permits six monthly.

The rate at which leaves and debris builds up in your guttering system will often depend on how exposed to the elements the building is and probably most importantly how close the property is to large trees and woodlands etc.


Who should carry out this work?

The gutters on the outside of the building are often neglected, but they are an important part of keeping the school functioning. Rather than leave the clean to your caretaker or site manager the work should be carried out by an experienced specialist with the correct equipment, such as cherry pickers or gutter vacuum, to reach high roof levels safely. The gutter system should be cleaned regularly by a professional to ensure that it is working properly and that water is draining away from the building. If water pools around the building, it can easily cause damage to the foundations of fabric of the building.


Why is gutter cleaning important?

A regular gutter cleaning service is very important for schools and colleges and should not be overlooked, the costs in neglecting gutter cleaning can often run into £1,000’s of pounds in flood damage to the contents of a school in addition to the damage to floor furnishings and roof structures.

There are various benefits to having your gutters cleaned by a professional. Not only will they keep your guttering from becoming cluttered with leaves, debris and other material, but also gutter cleaning can help prevent water damage to your buildings downpipes. By calling in a professional, you can rest assured that all of the debris will be cleared from your gutters and the underlying system will be given a thorough inspection – ensuring that any repairs or replacements necessary are carried out promptly and without issue.

If you’re looking for someone with over 20 years of experience cleaning gutters in Glamorgan, look no further than our team of experts. We offer both commercial and residential gutter cleaning services in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, and our fully trained staff are equipped to handle any job, big or small. We’ll clear away all the debris and leaves from your gutters and downpipes, leaving them clean and clear. We also offer soffit and fascia cleaning services to complete the job. Contact us today for a free quote.