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If the roof of your property is suffering from the common problem of a build up of moss it would be wise to think about getting you roof cleaned to help prevent additional problems further down the line if the problem is left untreated.

Not only will your roof look more aesthetically pleasing once the build up of moss has been removed, but roof cleaning will extend the lifespan of your roof by removing the added weight of moss from your tiled roof and rain will run off your tiles as originally designed.

Moss can often block the rain run off channels of roof tiles and also easily block gutters and downpipes which can cause further damp problems if not dealt with early enough.

When it comes to roof cleaning and roof moss removal in Cardiff, Bristol, and Swansea, Seers Support Services are the name that many people look to for removing moss from roofs.

Here are some of common techniques for roof cleaning, as well as the benefits of removing moss from your roof.

Softwash Roof Cleaning

This is one of the most popular methods for removing moss but is best left to a professional.

Any work on your roof can be dangerous. With this in mind, accidents are far less likely to occur when a trained roof cleaning company tackles the job.

A softwash solution applied by brush or low pressure sprayer will penetrate the balls of moss and gradually kill the moss build up over time, usually a couple of months, eventually the moss will die and fall off your roof.

As this roof cleaning method does not provide instant results choosing the right softwashing chemical is vitally important in order to achieve the desired results.

Someone who has the right experience will understand that removing the moss is one thing, but making sure it doesn’t return anytime soon is another. Some softwash biocides have the added benefit of prolonging any future moss regrowth for a number of years.

High Pressure Jet Washer

This is not an approach that we would recommend, unless you are sure that you will not damage your roof tiles are and also that you have a good quality waterproof underlay membrane which will provide a second line of defence against water ingress.

Even if the roof moss issue is extensive, a pressure washer can make the overall situation worse. Because of the impact on the tiles, it can actually cause damage to the top layer of the roof tile causing more damage than there was when you started the job.

This method doesn’t actually remove the moss for good and is more of a hazardous quick fix that should be avoided.

Moss Makes Your Roof Dangerous

If you find yourself needing to get onto your roof, having moss on your tiles can be dangerous.

Moss can make the surface very slippery which can lead to unwanted accidents. If you need to access your roof for any reason, we always suggest you check the surface first to make sure it is clear of moss, we would also recommend you to have appropriate edge protection in place via scaffold or by the use of a cherry picker.

Why Should You Look Into Roof Moss Removal?


Moss Damages The Roof

This is something worth considering and more important that the appearance of your roof.

Roof moss removal is important because of what the moss or lichen can do to slates and tiles. The roots of the growth can actually raise the tiles, causing a space where moisture and the elements can get into your home.

Once you have a leak, the damage can become very costly. This is why you should do all you can to protect your roof from such an event.

Cracks are common when there is moss present. From the ground, such things are difficult to detect but upon closer inspection, there can be a lot of damage already present.


We always say when it comes to resale, you can never make a first impression twice.

A property that has a quality roof that has been maintained to a high standard always has a better chance of selling. When a potential buyer first lays eyes on your property, you want to make sure they are seeing it in its best possible condition.

It isn’t just the roof that should be clean, the property as a whole will need to look its best. This all helps you to get the biggest return possible.

Calling a roof moss removal company can make a huge difference in how fast you are able to sell your home.

Post Clean and Prevention

There is more that can be done to give your roof the best chance of keeping moss away long term.

A moss prevention coating can be applied post clean on a dry roof. Depending on the quality of the product used, it can prevent moss for years.

It should not be treated as a sure thing, moss can still find its way back. Still, a post clean prevention is your best chance of making sure it doesn’t return any time soon.

There are also some basic things you can do to make sure moss doesn’t come back. Firstly, keeping all overhanging branches at least three metres away from your property will help stop any unwanted debris falling onto your roof which can lead to moss forming.

On top of this, you should keep your gutters clear and take pride in this part of your building once the work has been carried out.

Early treatment is important. Not only is it easier to clean but it stops any lasting damage from occurring.

At Seers, we take the conditions of your roof seriously. Call us for a no obligation, free quote today to see how we can help.

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