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Roof Cleaning in Cardiff

Roof cleaning is not for the fainthearted, it can be a dangerous job for those inexperienced in working at height and there is also the possibility you could damage the surface of your roof tiles. Even if you do manage to complete the job it may take a lot longer than expected, create a lot of mess and worse still the end result may well not live up to your expectations. On the other hand, our roof cleaning service will deliver outstanding results – in many cases, your roof will look new. We can also offer a moss removal service that will deliver a more subtle result that may be more in keeping with the surroundings of your home.

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“Seers Support Services have provided our warehouse buildings with a consistently high quality gutter cleaning service for over twelve years. I would highly recommend them.”

Brett Mason, Masons Moving Group

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Roof Cleaning Testimonials

“Seers have always provided us with an outstanding roof cleaning service and have helped match up the look of existing roofs to the new build extensions we’ve built for our customers.”

Jamie, Hosgood Construction

“Our 30 year old roof looks almost brand new following your roof cleaning service, I believe two of my neighbours have now also booked with you to have their roofs cleaned..”

Elwyn Rees, Cardiff

Roof Cleaning Company

Roof cleaning will add value to your property and can also extend the lifespan of your roof by many years. Please don’t cut corners if you require your roof cleaned, obtain a no obligation quote from an experienced professional roof cleaning company.

We are a roof cleaning company with many years experience in cleaning moss from roofs and exceed our customers expectations every time. We are well equipped and can safely access the roof of your property using our temporary mobile scaffold towers or our own fleet of versatile access platforms – meaning we do not have to hire in any expensive access equipment like many other roof cleaning companies.

Our roof cleaning process will be completed both safely and efficiently. The roof of an average 2/3 bedroom sized house can be professionally cleaned in one to two days. A larger 4/5 bedroom house roof will take around two to three days in our experience. This includes cleaning up any mess to the surroundings of your property once the roof clean is complete.

Roof Cleaning Services

To cater for our customers requirements, level of moss build up, condition of roof tiles and differing budgets we now offer our customers the option of three different levels of roof cleaning:

  1. Moss removal only
  2. Moss removal PLUS algae treatment
  3. Steam cleaning PLUS algae treatment

Roof Moss Removal

Your roof will be manually cleared of moss by using our specially designed roof scraping tools which will fit the profile of your roof tile. This method will remove all the large build up of moss from your roof (some small moss debris might still be visible in the cracks etc of the roof tiles on close inspection) and will improve the look of your home immensely.

All your gutters will be emptied and cleaned out once we have scrapped all the moss from your roof and any guttering wiped over to clean up any mess caused during the moss removal process.

Moss Removal PLUS Algae Treatment

Your roof will be cleared of moss as above but we will then apply a biocide solution to your whole roof which will kill off any of the remaining moss spores. This treatment will clean your roof tiles further by remove any algae staining which will give them a uniformed an almost as new refreshed look.

The application of the roof biocide treatment will also help prevent the rate at which moss will regrow on your roof in years to come.

Pressure Washing or Steam Cleaning PLUS Algae Treatment

If you want to transform the look of your roof and our site survey confirms that your roof is suitable for pressure washing or steam cleaning then this process will give you the outstanding results that you are no doubt looking for. If on the other hand, your roof is in a poor state or repair with perhaps missing pointing or flashing, torn underlay, no waterproof membrane or cracked tiles pressure washing will not be a suitable solution to clean your roof.

This method will likely cause more mess than just a a basic moss removal tile scrape, but we will protect the surroundings of your property during the roof pressure washing process and will diligently clear up and wash everything down once the roof cleaning is complete and before we pack up…all you will be left to look at is a beautifully clean roof.

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