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Render is frequently used for larger-scale buildings as well as smaller-scale homes and gives a distinctive modern look that has grown in popularity over the years. Although render looks fantastic on buildings, rendering requires much more frequent cleaning to help eliminate easily built up shades of unpleasant algae which can ruin the exterior of a building. This is largely down to the British climate which can rapidly degrade the colour of a rendered finish and make your property look uncleanly and shabby.

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Render cleaning methods

You will find that most coloured render finishes are manufactured by  K-Rend and because of the silicone material, any incorrect forms of cleaning could actually damage your render in the long run.This is why you should turn to a team of specialists to carry out your render cleaning in Cardiff and the rest of South Wales. As we specialise in producing high quality work for our customers, we use only the most efficient and innovative solutions for render cleaning.


Softwashing is the most effective solution in removing algae and other organic staining from the exterior of your rendered building. A softwash is a low-pressure and eco-friendly method for render cleaning and produces the most effective results. If you were to apply a high-pressure jet wash to the rendered surface of your building’s exterior, then this will only subject the rendered surface to long term damage. 


Application of advanced softwash chemicals

After the use of our high heat and low-pressure soft washing system, we then apply our advanced safe and eco-friendly chemical solutions that will kill any algae that have come to grow and stain on your buildings rendered surface. Our softwash chemicals contain biocide and are biodegradable with a low organic volatile compound, which will ensure longer protection and will deter future algae regrowth.

Algae, lichens and mosses can thrive and spread rapidly due to our British climate, which is a hotbed for damp and mild weather, allowing for the perfect conditions to nurture their growth. When render is left untreated, algae can form a green stain which is very easy to treat. When left even longer to go untreated, algae can often produce a black stain on buildings and in some cases depending on elevations of the building and location, a red stain of algae can form.

Fortunately for you, we are experts when it comes to providing a superior render cleaning service for both commercial buildings and homes. We use the most advanced technology and cleaning methods to successfully remove any algae stains to restore your rendered building into an almost new finish. No building is too big for us as we have our very own fleet of versatile access platforms which include cherry pickers and mobile scaffold towers, which means that any building, domestic or commercial will be accessible for us.



Thank you for your recent visit to The Wharf, in Cardiff Bay to clean the high level windows. Very pleased with the results.” S. A. Brains & Co Ltd

Areas we cover

Based in Cardiff, South Wales we operate throughout Bristol, Swindon & Gloucester including – Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil, Bridgend, Brecon, Newport, Neath, Carmarthen and Tenby.

We also travel across most of the UK for national contracts.


Professional render cleaning is cost-effective


When it comes to stained render surfaces, many people are not fully aware of how to approach this form of upkeep and will often think that repainting is the only solution, which of course is a common mistake that will lead to future damage. If you were to leave algae untreated and to simply paint over the rendered surface, the spores and moisture will become trapped which will encourage algae to grow and become even larger. Paint can eventually start to peel away bringing with it pieces of redner, which means you will have to pay for re-rendering which is very costly.

For commercial buildings especially or large blocks of flats, this could end up costing thousands of pounds which would be a waste of money when all you need is a professional render cleaning service from the likes of Seers. Not only will you be able to save money in the long run by preventing any further damage to your rendered building, but having a professional clean will restore your building to a fresh new finish, increasing the value of your building.


Why Choose Seers?


Here at Seers, we are a team of specialists with years of experience in providing professional exterior cleaning services. When it comes to rendering cleaning, we are Cardiff’s leading service provider and will ensure that we restore any commercial or domestic building into its former glory. We only deliver the most superior results for our customers and will stand for nothing else. 

Based in Cardiff, we operate our render cleaning services to the whole of South Wales, including Merthyr, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport and even branch out to West Wales, such as Tenby and Carmarthen. We also operate throughout Bristol, Swindon and Gloucester and will travel across the whole of the uk for national contracts. Want to find out more about our redner cleaning services? Call us now, or get a free online quote today.



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