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As you probably know, removing stains from render is not a simple task. Because of this, it is a job best left to expert hands. In the Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea area, Seers are the go-to company for many domestic home owners and apartment block residential committees.

The work involved varies depending on the level and type of staining. Here are a few of the different types of staining you can expect to find on your building, and what can be done to remove them.

Rust Stains on Render

A common sight on rendered commercial buildings but one that can usually be cleaned thoroughly to ensure there is no lasting damage. The treatment isn’t as intensive as some of the other stains which means there is less chance of damage from a high pressure wash. Still, treating rust is necessary in order to leave your render looking as clean as possible.

Remove to Remove Green , Black & Red Algae from Rendered Walls

When a domestic or commercial building client asks us to remove stains from render, a common cause is plant life – or more commonly know as algae staining. This unwanted pest most commonly forms in a green color, making your once clean building look unkempt. It is better to clean it before it spreads as the likes of Lichen and other algae can be a real eye sore and will continue to spread if left alone. It will need a more thorough clean with a specialist sanitiser or biocide to kill and remove the green, red or black algae completely from your property.

Increased humidity or water run off from roofs or window sills in some areas can cause certain types of algae to thrive on specific areas of buildings. This is why it is important to have an expert inspect the problem so it does not continue to spread.

Other types of water damage staining can occur when gutters and downpipes leak. If this is the case then you will not only need to consider removing the stains from your render, but also making sure the cause is fixed so it does not turn into an ongoing problem. Our render cleaning services will leave your property render looking like new.

Render Pollution Staining

Another common cause of render stains. Buildings located in the City center can be susceptible to staining from the surrounding environment. The dirt of passing traffic can really spoil the appearance of your office or building. The lighter the color of your render, the more obvious it will be. This sort of stain can really make your building look dated and should be treated. When cleaned your premises will look remarkably clean compared to others in the area.

Render Cleaning Company

We use a variety of methods when removing stains from the render on domestic and commercial buildings in Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea. Here are our preferred methods.

Render Softwashing or Sanitising

Known for being effective both in terms of removing many types of algae staining softwashing is a very cost effective way to clean render that can deliver amazing results.

It ensures a deep clean and is great for tackling organic build up that can spread if not killed. Combined with a high temperature low pressure steam clean for the ultimate render cleaning system.

High Pressure Cleaning

This can be most necessary when you are removing algae and organic buildup. A sensible approach and touch are required as to not leave any lasting damage on the top layer of the render itself. High pressure cleaning is a proven method and is fast. At Seers, we assess your buildings environment to make sure high pressure cleaning is right for you, the debris that comes off can be disruptive to any passing footfall if precautions are not taken.

Low Pressure Cleaning

Yes it takes longer and is not as effective when used on more stubborn stains but low pressure cleaning is good when combined with higher temperatures.

There is less debris involved which makes it a popular method for city centre buildings that do not require so much of an intense clean. It is also kinder on the render itself.

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