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Window cleaning has become an essential part of commercial property maintenance and is one of the key elements in achieving a professional-looking exterior. Not only does it present your company in a professional manner, but it creates a pleasant atmosphere for the working environment, especially on those blue-skied summer days. Crystal clean windows should especially come as an imperative for commercial enterprises such as car dealers or shop windows where items are on display to customers and people passing by.


As you will already know, making first impressions is quite important in all walks of life, and the same remains for commercial properties. The cleanliness of your commercial property will be one of the first things a client and customer judges you on and right from that very moment, it can either present your business in a positive light or a negative light. 


This is why we strongly advise you to opt for a professional window cleaning service who are experts within their field just like us here at Seers group. We can work with any sized commercial, retail and industrial building and are equipped with the most advanced window cleaning solutions to guarantee you a superior level finish to your buildings exterior windows.


Factors that determine how often your windows should be cleaned

Understanding the importance of clean windows for commercial properties is one thing, but do you realise how often the windows should be cleaned? It comes down to a few different factors which include:


  • Location – If your commercial property is situated on a busy street or a busy road like a highway, then your windows are much more likely to get dirty quicker and will need frequent cleaning throughout the year. Highway pollution is a major cause for the build-up of dirty windows as soot becomes airborne from vehicles on the road and then can build upon business windows. 


  • Weather – Due to the ‘beautiful’ British weather, you can expect a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Rainfall carries dust, dirt and other debris that will easily stick to windows and cause a dirty uncleanly appearance. This means that frequent cleaning in the area of one every month should be applied throughout the year.


  • Landscaping – If your business building is surrounded by large trees where debris can fall such as leaves, twigs or drip sap then you should consider having your business windows fairly regularly as your windows will be exposed to a build-up of more dirt. 


With all these factors taking into account, depending on the type of your business and the budget, you could choose to have your windows cleaned once a week, twice a week, once a month, once every three months or once every 6 months. However, the longer you wait for professional window cleaning to be carried out, the dirtier your windows will appear which of course could give of a negative image for your company.


Type of businesses 

The type of business that you own will be one of the main factors that determine how often your buildings exterior windows should be cleaned. An office building cleaning frequency depending on its size can vary from monthly cleaning maintenance to a once or twice a year schedule. Hospital buildings on the other hand will require frequent window cleaning scheduling as the exterior cleanliness is just as important as the interior; patients need to feel as though they are in a clean and healthy environment.


Is your commercial premises in need of a professional exterior window cleaning service that will provide you with the highest quality finishes at a competitive price? Call us now to get in touch with one of our experts or get a free quote online today. No building is too big or too small for us and we can take on clients from the whole of South Wales.

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