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When it comes to looking after our homes, most of us tend not to give much thought to carrying out an efficient level of gutter maintenance which can lead to all sorts of problems. If you allow your gutters to build up with leaves, twigs, dirt and other residues, it can eventually lead to leaks or water damage, and the bottom line is that it can make your property unsightly. The same applies to commercial premises such as offices, warehouses, factories, retail units, schools and colleges. The best approach to ensure a maximum level of cleaning maintenance for your commercial premises is to turn to a professional gutter cleaning service. We advise that you 


The financial impact of not opting to have your commercial premises professionally cleaned could be very costly in the long run. In some cases where there has been damage to the foundations of the premises, your whole operation could be temporarily brought to a standstill due to the carrying out of repairs. You should also consider the adverse health and safety implications for your employees or pupils within a school if there is dampness present.


We advise that you have a commercial gutter cleaning service carried out at the beginning of spring. This is because in the autumn time gutters will easily get dirtier because of fallen leaves and twigs. Of course, if your commercial building is not surrounded by trees then this won’t be as necessary.


What determines the price of commercial gutter cleaning?


As with any type of professional services, there will be varying levels of costs between companies which are determined by several different factors. You will find that the factors that most cleaning companies across the UK who provide commercial gutter cleaning take into account are:


  • Property type – Generally, the average cost for gutter cleaning in the UK is £4.50 to £5.25 However, larger commercial premises such as multi-storied buildings will undoubtedly be more expensive than say a small terrace house. When dealing with commercial premises with gutters that run around the entire building, companies can be expected to charge anywhere between £100 – £1000. The main thing to remember is that the size of your commercial premises will determine this cost, the previously mentioned are general figures.


  • The height – The height of commercial premises will surely be a factor in determining the cost of a commercial gutter cleaning service. When dealing with different levels of height, companies will have to decide whether they use ladders, scaffolds, a gutter vacuum, or a cherry picker as the most effective and safe approach in reaching the gutter. If there are accessibility issues to the gutter, there can be additional costs.


  • The area where your premises is located – Companies from different areas across the UK will differ with their price rates for their commercial gutter cleaning service. Take London as an example, it will come as no surprise to be expected to pay more for a commercial gutter cleaning service based in London than a company based in a smaller city like Newport. If your commercial premises is in an area where there are lots of trees or birds, then it may be necessary to opt for having your gutters cleaned twice a year instead of once a year.


  • Service type – Types of services that you will typically find that companies offer are gutter clearing, exterior gutter cleaning, downpipe filters, and gutter replacement. As we have stressed, however, each company offering the same services will have different cost prices. It’s best to contact specialists within your area to get a reliable quote. You can also be expected to pay higher for a vacuum gutter form of cleaning as opposed to manual as they offer a great deal of power. 


Why choose Seers?


Here at Seers we pride ourselves in the quality of our cleaning services and have come to build a reputation as one of Cardiff’s most prestigious exterior cleaning companies. With our annual gutter cleaning service, you can rest assured that your commercial premises will receive the most professional of services with our experienced team of specialists.


With our comprehensive gutter cleaning service, we use the most advanced gutter cleaning equipment available which places us as one of the best-equipped companies in the UK. Don’t just take our word for it, check our testimonials from some highly reputable enterprises. Want to find out more? Contact us now to get a free quote returned within 48 hours.


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