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As gutter cleaning specialists, we have often heard people ask, “how do I find gutter cleaning services near me?” and so we would like to explain what you need to be looking for in a professional gutter cleaning company.

Whether you are a domestic customer or seeking commercial gutter cleaning, when it comes to any gutter cleaning service it is important to get it right.

When it comes to gutter cleaning, certainly on domestic properties, there may be a temptation to do-it-yourself. When you understand the gutter cleaning tools required and gutter cleaning costs, it becomes clear that hiring a professional is much more cost-efficient.

A professional gutter cleaning company brings you the confidence in knowing that the job has been done correctly, and the added peace of mind that a professional is fully trained and able to identify any potential issues that need remedying sooner rather than later.

So, if you are wondering, “How do I get gutter cleaning near me carried out by a professional?” you’ll be pleased to know that, being based in Cardiff, our gutter cleaning service is available in Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester, Swansea. Merthyr Tydfil, Bridgend, Brecon, Newport, Neath, Carmarthen, and Tenby.

Before deciding if we’re the gutter cleaning company for you, we’d like to tell you all you need to know about how to choose a professional to clean your gutters.

What is guttering, and why does it matter?

When it comes to guttering, it tends to be something that isn’t given the greatest of thought: it is something that is just there that we take for granted. The importance of guttering and using a gutter cleaning service is something that should not be underestimated.

Guttering itself is simply a small thin trough with the purpose of collecting rain water that runs off the roof of a building, whether that be a domestic dwelling or commercial premises. It sounds like a menial task, but this couldn’t be further from the truth: collecting this run-off water is vital to protecting the foundations of a property. It does this by directing the water away from the base of the building.

For domestic properties, the most common form of guttering is that which runs alongside the edge of the roof and is very noticeable. It is usually made from plastic and feeds the water into a downpipe to direct it away from anywhere where it could cause damage.

Guttering can also be constructed from aluminium (light-weight and less likely to erode), copper (strong and long-lasting), and zinc (expensive but low-maintenance and long life-span).

As well as providing a vital form of protection for the foundations, guttering also prevents, or at least reduces, erosion to the exterior of a building. By directing where the water runs-off, guttering prevents it from simply running down the side of the building. Aside from this reducing issues of erosion, this also prevents leaks from forming.

The importance of using a professional gutter cleaning company can be seen when considering the issues that can be caused by gutters becoming blocked. An obvious issue caused is that the water will overflow from the guttering and run down the walls of the building, leading to erosion.

In addition to this, there is the potential for the water to back up and then infiltrate the roof. During the colder months, there is a significant chance that this water will freeze. This then presents problems with the freeze/thaw effect: the constant freezing and thawing of the water can then exploit vulnerabilities in the property structure, causing breaks and gaps.

Hopefully, it is now clear just how important guttering is to a house or commercial property. Should guttering break, crack, or suffer from any blockages, the long-term consequences can be dire.

As in many areas, prevention is far better than the cure: the cure in this instance could involve the expense of replacing the whole guttering system and even having to rectify leaks and other damage caused to a property. The prevention is simple, and gutter cleaning prices show clearly that it is also the most cost-effective option.

When considering a gutter cleaning company, it should now be clear how important their role is, but it is well worth considering what causes the issues in guttering in the first place. Having an awareness of potential issues makes it easier to understand what can be done to prevent these, but also means that there is an understanding of what a gutter cleaning service should be offering.

Potential issues with guttering and how to spot them

The most common issues with guttering are caused by blockages to the guttering itself or the down-pipe. Roof gutter cleaning can help avoid the issues that are often caused by a blockage. The blockages themselves are most commonly caused by something as simple as fallen leaves that have collected in the gutter: once it has rained, the leaves become heavier and less likely to blow away.

Guttering can also become blocked by a build-up of bird droppings and even dead animals. As debris sits uncleared in the gutters, moss and grass often tend to grow, further adding to the problem.

The easiest way to spot if there are any problems with guttering is to stand outside while it is raining: if you notice water running down the side of the building, it is more than likely that you have a blockage.

Another sign of a potential issue is sagging in the guttering. Although this can be caused by wear and tear, the usual culprit is a blockage: debris and excess water weigh the guttering down.

Leaking gutter joints are also a common problem. These will likely lead to isolated areas of damp in a property, and so are in need of a speedy repair. Again, issues with gutter joints can be caused by wear and tear, but blockages are likely to make the problem worse.

A professional gutter cleaning service will be able to spot any damage caused to your guttering and advise on actions you need to take to have this rectified.

What to expect from a professional gutter cleaning company

When considering “How do I choose guttering cleaning services near me?” you need to know what a gutter cleaning company should be offering as part of their service: as with other industries, companies come and go, some are professionals while others are less so.

Understanding the role that your guttering plays in the overall protection of your home or commercial premises means that you’ll want to ensure that you only employ the services of a professional. That being the case, this is what you should expect from a gutter cleaning service:

1) Insurance in place

Any professional gutter cleaning company will have insurances in place. Of course, professionals will be trained and will also have the most up-to-date gutter cleaning tools, but accidents can happen. If they do, then you need to make sure that your gutter cleaning cost doesn’t increase when you’re left to foot a bill.

2) Pre-inspection

Before starting to clear your gutter, a gutter cleaning service should start with an inspection. This should identify any immediate issues with your guttering as well as show the build-up of any debris. It is reasonable to expect photographs of the gutters prior to any work starting.

3) Removal of all debris

As would be expected, a gutter cleaning company should remove all debris from your guttering. This means that blockages are less likely as well as reducing the risk of damage being caused to joints or of any sagging occurring. As the debris is removed, the gutter cleaning service should also include a thorough examination of the guttering with any issues being reported.

4) Clean up around the property

Any debris around your property that is air-blown should also be cleared. Leaving this in place would simply mean that no sooner are your gutters clear then they will be blocked again.

5) Proper disposal of debris

A professional gutter cleaning company will ensure that all debris is properly bagged and safely disposed of: not being left for you to deal with when the job is finished.

6) After photographs

If you paid to have your house painted, you have clear evidence that it has been done. When you pay for a gutter cleaning service it might not always be as obvious. Photographs of the completed work, as well as any issues/damage that has been identified, give you peace of mind that the job has been done and done well.

7) Roof gutter cleaning

Your gutter may be blocked by wind-blown debris that comes from trees that are nearby. Something else that can cause issues is moss and other growth on your roof tiles that then fall into your guttering. A professional gutter cleaning company should also have the expertise to clean your roof to prevent a reoccurrence.

8) Be the experts

A professional gutter cleaning company should be experts in all things guttering related. As well as offering a gutter cleaning service, they should also be able to offer a gutter repair service ensuring that your property is protected from any potential issues caused by leaking water and overflowing gutters. Leaving you with gutters that are clear but with damage is unacceptable and will not provide the protection that you need.

Gutter cleaning prices can vary, but it goes without saying that regardless of the cost, a professional gutter cleaning company will have staff who are fully trained, but who are also polite and courteous when dealing with you.

Any gutter cleaning company that has confidence in the service that they deliver, will also offer to revisit for free if any issues are identified within 30 days of the work being carried out.

Domestic gutter cleaning

When looking for gutter cleaning near me, it may be that you are a homeowner or perhaps even a landlord. As a homeowner, you obviously want to protect your most valuable asset. As a landlord, you have a legal obligation to, and this includes ensuring that gutters are clear and free of any blockages: as they are part of the exterior of the property, this responsibility does not fall on the tenant.

Whether your property is a bungalow, a two-storey house, or a three-storey townhouse, a gutter cleaning service is something that should be one of your top priorities. Just as people budget for services on boilers and heating systems, it is important to also budget for regular cleaning of your gutters.

A faulty heating system could leave you in the cold, but also have other dangers that impact your health. Faulty guttering is no different: damp forming in your home or damage caused to the structure of your property can have health, as well as financial, implications. Making a gutter cleaning service part of a regular routine means that you can avoid these consequences by protecting your property and your family.

Commercial gutter cleaning

While we all want to protect our homes, and choosing a professional gutter cleaning company can help us to do this, it is just as important to take care of any commercial premises. Premises such as offices, warehouses, factories, retail units, schools, and colleges all require the need for a gutter cleaning service.

Blocked gutters on any of these premises can have a knock-on effect that will ultimately cost more in remedial work in the long-run than gutter cleaning costs in the short term. Damp in schools and offices can adversely affect the health of pupils and employees.

Water cascading down the side of an office or warehouse can cause damage to the walls that will then need repairing and then painting. The ultimate damage that could be caused by faulty and blocked gutters, is damage to the foundations of your premises. Not only would there then be cost implications for repairs, but it is also possible that your operation would be temporarily closed down while these repairs take place.

Using a gutter cleaning company vs DIY

When people ask “How easy is it to find professional gutter cleaning services near me?” it may be tempting to try and avoid the gutter cleaning cost and opt for the DIY option: after all, we are all always seeking ways to save money. As is often the case though, a short-term saving doesn’t necessarily represent value for money.

Without meaning to sound over-dramatic, the main reason to go against the DIY option is that gutter cleaning can be dangerous work. You may be comfortable working at heights (assuming you have the correct ladders and safety equipment), but falls and their associated injuries are only one of the dangers faced when cleaning gutters. The main risk is that of electrocution.

There are many electrical wires around the roof of a property. If you don’t know where these are, or what they are for, there is a real risk of causing damage to them. You could be lucky and just have a potential power outage to deal with. The bigger risk though is that you either suffer serious injury or even death. Gutter cleaning costs are certainly worth investing in given the risks posed by the alternative.

The cost of gutter cleaning services

Using a professional gutter cleaning company will of course have an associated cost. The cost can vary across the UK, but there are certain factors that will have an impact on gutter cleaning prices:

1) The type of property

Property can vary widely in their shapes and sizes and so, perhaps unsurprisingly, this will have an impact on the gutter cleaning cost. A detached property will cost more than a semi-detached property for the gutters to be cleaned.

2) The height of the gutters

The height of your property is a major factor in relation to a gutter cleaning cost, the height of the guttering will decide whether ladders, scaffold, gutter vacuum or cherry picker are the appropriate safe method of access for the gutter clean.

3) Any works that are identified

As with anything that is carried out on an annual basis, such as a car MOT or gas boiler service, there is always the possibility works will be identified that require remedial action. Any such works will obviously have an effect on the price of your gutter cleaning service.

Preventing future issues with your gutter

As we have seen, a clear gutter means a fully functional guttering system and one that is less prone to issues and damage that requires repair. A one-off gutter cleaning service will never be enough to ensure that your guttering remains clear and debris free, so what can you do to prevent future issues?

1) Gutter guards

These are fine mesh that fits over the top of your guttering and also at the top of your downpipes. The aim of these is to prevent any debris from falling into your guttering and causing a blockage.

While these can go some way to protecting your gutter, they will not stop everything passing through and can not stop moss from growing. They are also not the most aesthetically pleasing feature to add to your guttering.

2) Cut back trees

If you have trees that overhang your house, it is worth considering trimming these back. Of course, we are not saying that you should decimate your garden of any trees, but if they are hanging directly over, or very close to your house, it is only a matter of time before falling leaves start to cause blockages in your guttering.

3) Make sure that your gutters are in good repair

If your guttering is damaged in any way it will be less efficient. Whether it be sagging in places or hanging from a bracket, a speedy repair will prevent further issues. It is also important to ensure that your guttering is correctly positioned so that it works effectively when directing the water to your down-pipe.

4) Use a professional gutter cleaning company

Not just as a one-off: a gutter cleaning service should be used on a regular basis to make sure that your gutter is free from blockages. A professional gutter cleaning company will also identify any repair work that needs carrying out as well as advising on any other actions that you can take to make sure that your guttering system is working correctly.

Using a gutter cleaning service on a regular basis is the surest action that you can take to make sure that your guttering remains problem-free and carries on protecting your property.

Gutter cleaning services near me

Understanding the importance of your guttering makes it even more prudent that you are able to locate a professional gutter cleaning company that is near to you. At Seers, we are the exterior cleaning specialists and are sure to be able to help.

Whether you are seeking gutter cleaning for a domestic property or for commercial premises, Seers have the experience and expertise to be able to deliver a first-class service that is second to none.

Our annual gutter cleaning service means that we can keep your guttering blockage free: free from annoying drips and preventing any water damage being caused to your property. As gutter cleaning companies go we are one of the most experienced and given our advanced gutter cleaning equipment and high level access equipment, one of best-equipped companies in the UK.

Alongside our gutter cleaning service, we are also able to carry out gutter repairs. Our thorough inspection during the cleaning process means that we are able to identify any damage as well as any pending issues. If we do, we won’t refer you to a third party for any work to be done as we are the experts ourselves.

We offer the most comprehensive gutter cleaning service available. If you would like to know more then you can contact us now: we are able to offer you a quote within 48 hours and look forward to protecting your property by keeping your gutters debris and damage-free.

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