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Cherry picker hire Cardiff

If you are looking for cherry picker hire Cardiff, We specialise in the hire of spider cherry pickers, tracked access platforms, spider lift hire and small and narrow cherry pickers. Capable of providing outstandingly flexible and safe high level access across the UK. Our spiderlift cherry pickers can provide very cost-effective solutions to high level access problems where previously expensive scaffolding may have had to have been used. This allows for common building maintenance tasks to be carried out with much less disruption and cost. Please check the equipment specification sheets to see if they are suited to your requirements.

If you are unsure which machinery to choose, Seers are more than happy to do a free no obligation site survey and advise the best machinery for the purpose.

Cherry picker hire Cardiff

Cherry picker hire cardiff

CELA DT24 Cherry Picker

Working height: 24m
Outreach: 12m
Basket capacity: 200kg
Machine weight: 2,800kg
Minimum width: 80cm
Engine power: Diesel + 240V

cherry picker hire cardiff

CMC S15 Cherry Picker

Working height: 15m
Outreach: 7m
Basket capacity: 200kg
Machine weight: 1,660kg
Overall width: 78cm
Engine power: Diesel + 240V

Cherry picker hire

Ideal for tree surgeons

TV & film work

Telecomms mast maintenance

Narrow access solutions

High level building maintenance

Awkward slopes & grass no problem

Fit through a single doorway/gate


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Spider lift hire cardiff

HINOWA 2010 Spider Lift

Working height: 20.10m
Outreach: 9.7m
Basket capacity: 230kg
Machine weight: 2,880kg
Width: 795/1095 mm
Engine power options: 2.2kw-230V-50Hz (110 optional) 1500rpm

Spider lift hire cardiff


Working height: 32m
Outreach: 14.5m
Basket capacity: 330kg
Machine weight: 5,940kg
Width: 1100/1400mm
Power: BI-ENERGY Diesel + AC

Spider lift hire cardiff

TRACESS 135 Spider Lift

Working height: 13m
Outreach: 6.5m
Basket capacity: 200kg
Machine weight: 1,600kg
Minimum width: 78cm
Engine power: Mains powered electric motor

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