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Building Repairs Cardiff

If your business premises have become dilapidated or damaged, you may be required to make repairs in order to avoid disputes with your landlord. We at Seers have handled countless dilapidations/building repairs over the years, and we have all the expertise and equipment necessary to get your site back to its original state and repair any damage that the building may have sustained.

building repairs cardiff

Property Maintenance Cardiff

We can cover anything from light wear and tear to serious structural damage; regardless of what’s required, you can rest assured that the Seers team will make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently. We are based in Cardiff, but we handle dilapidations all over South Wales and South West England – contact us now to request a quotation for your job.

What kind of buildings can we repair?

  • Here are some examples of the structures we commonly work on: warehouses, factories, office buildings and retail spaces.

The Seers team specialise in cleaning at height, making us a particularly excellent choice for tall buildings and damaged areas that are hard to reach. We possess a wide range of equipment and machinery that allows us to work at challenging heights whilst meeting our usual high standards and observing all applicable safety regulations.


Available across South Wales and South West England. Although we are based in Cardiff, we offer our services across South Wales and the South West of England. Need our services a bit further afield? Just ask!

Experienced team. All of our installers are fully trained and have worked at height for years, meaning they know the right methods to complete high level work efficiently and successfully.

Building Repairs Cardiff & beyond

Seers are based in Cardiff, but our cleaning services are available in both South Wales and the South West of England. Some of the locations we cover:

Merthyr Tydfil

Get building repairs for you or your business

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