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Building Cleaning Services in Cardiff, Swansea & Bristol

Building cleaning specialists – in the UK we have a climate that is extremely varied and this means that our buildings can suffer as a result of the weather. Along with this, as environmental pollution increases, it can leave buildings looking tired, dated and even dilapidated in some instances.

window cleaning company cardiff
window cleaning company cardiff
window cleaning company cardiff
window cleaning company cardiff

Exterior building cleaning contractors for your property

Some of the common building cleaning problems we are often asked to tackle include:

Cleaning algae from cladding panels
Removing paint and graffiti from brickwork
Roof cleaning to remove moss build up
Bath stone Cleaning
DOFF Cleaning
Blocked gutters
Block Paving Cleaning
K Render Cleaning – to remove green, red and black algae

Get a buiding cleaning quote for your building today:

Building Cleaning

New building materials, as well as traditional building materials all pose a challenge when it comes to building cleaning and they all behave differently, depending on the weather and the environment. Therefore, you need access to reputable exterior building services that you can rely on and this is where Seers can help.

The correct choice of exterior building cleaning contractor will ensure that your building continues to look great because the first impression you make on your clients starts with your property.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Just by having the exterior of your building cleaned periodically, it will ensure that it continues to look good and make the right impression on all your visitors. At Seers, we cannot express the importance of a clean building enough because it is not just about creating a building that looks good, it is about ensuring that your building is protected and free from substances, such as algae and moss, that can cause significant damage if left untreated.

We offer industry leading commercial exterior cleaning services. For many years, we have continued to provide an exceptional service that delivers customer satisfaction and a building that looks like new.

Facade Cleaning

We have a vast experience of working in this industry and delivering our building cleaning services to a wide range of clients. We work with you from the moment you get in touch with us. We listen to your needs and then identify a solution that will breathe life back into your building once again.

Exterior building cleaning requires the correct methods, the right equipment and a highly-skilled team that works together to provide exceptional results every single time. We offer a wide range of building cleaning services, all of which are designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

We assess every project, identify what is required and then work closely with you to identify a project schedule as well as determine a time that works with your business in order to keep disruption at a minimum. Every job we undertake adheres to the strict Health and Safety requirements, ensuring that we protect your staff, visitors and the public.

Building Cleaning & Restoration

We take a flexible approach to the way that we work and that enables us to take on a wide range of projects regardless of the size. So, our services reach far and wide, covering factories, warehouses offices and all other aspects of commercial property as well as providing exterior building cleaning for housing authorities.

Through implementing the correct cleaning techniques backed by modern equipment we can restore the look of your building.

Whatever your needs might be, regardless of how big or small, we are here for you. We aim to deliver a personalised service that is underpinned by our professional approach and team of highly-skilled specialists. To find out more about our comprehensive service or to obtain a quote, why not get in touch. Our team of experts are always happy to help.


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