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Bird Control in Cardiff, Swansea & Bristol

Bird control is becoming and increasing problem in the UK and bird spike installation is often an effective means of preventing birds from landing on your building. The spikes can be installed onto your roof, as well as any other potential roosts, such as awnings and protruding signs; once in place, bird spikes will remain effective for years with practically zero maintenance.

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Bird Spike Installation

Birds can be real nuisance for business owners. Their droppings can make buildings look dirty and degraded, and this will negatively affect your company’s image if your building is the one they choose. It can also be very unpleasant for your staff and customers, particularly if their cars are parked nearby!

Seers offer a full bird spike installation service for all kinds of different buildings (see below for a partial list). We are based in Cardiff, but we can provide bird spikes to businesses throughout South Wales, as well as in South West England.

Where we work

As mentioned above, we are able to install bird spikes onto the vast majority of commercial buildings, including but not limited to: office buildings, factories/warehouses, commercial premises, restaurants, cafés, bars, etc., schools/colleges, public buildings

The Seers team specialise in working at height, which means that we can install bird spikes even on very tall buildings. We have an extensive collection of access equipment, and this allows to work efficiently at height whilst complying with all applicable safety regulations.

    Bird Deterrent Services

    Seers are based in Cardiff, but our maintenance services are available in both South Wales and the South West of England. Some of the locations we cover:

    Merthyr Tydfil

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