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Algae Removal Cardiff

Seers offer a comprehensive algae removal service that’s backed with years of experience and a wide variety of cutting-edge cleaning equipment. We will visit your premises, select the best algae removal method for your building, and get the job done safely and efficiently for a very reasonable price.

Algae removal cardiff

Algae removal Cardiff

Biological growths such as algae, moss, lichen and fungi can make even the most modern buildings look unsightly and neglected. Allowing these growths to proliferate on the outside of your building can give potential customers a very negative image of your company.

We can remove algae from practically any building

Wondering whether or not our algae removal specialists will be able to clean your building? Here are a few examples of the sites we’ve worked on in the past: warehouses/factories, offices, apartments/flats, schools, colleges and universities,hHospitals, government buildings, retail centres and other commercial buildings.

Seers are the cleaning at height specialists, so no matter how tall your building is or how out-of-reach the affected area, rest assured that we will be able to help.


Exceptional window cleaning services across the UK. Our competitively priced external cleaning services will make your buildings look like new.

Experienced team. Our building cleaning experts are fully trained and have cleaned a wide variety of building types including office blocks, churches, hospitals, warehouses and apartment blocks.

Algae removal Cardiff & beyond

Seers are based in Cardiff, but our cleaning services are available in both South Wales and the South West of England. Some of the locations we cover:

Merthyr Tydfil

Get algae removal for your business

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